Christmas Lush Gifts Haul

Hey Guys, this Christmas I was spoiled rotten with lush gifts. There is a lot in the boxes that I’ve never tried before so i’d love to review a few if you’d like but for now I thought we could have a look at about a years worth of bath bombs. I feel so lucky and I cannot wait to delve inside and watch my bath turn into a rainbow.


northern lights.jpg

The first box I got from my Grandma was the “Northern Lights”gift set. I was AMAZED by the packaging so much so I didn’t even want to use it i’d be happy keeping it on display. The box contains “Shoot for the stars”, “Northern  Lights” and “Twilight”. All three products are bath bombs, not only do they smell incredible but these bath bombs look amazing. The product I have used out of the set so far is “Shoot for the Stars”, first impressions left me literally speechless, I left the bath bomb fizzing away and when I came back to it my whole bath was deep blue and swimming in gold glitter. I am a lush hoarder but I’ve never actually tried a glitter bomb, now I think I’m addicted. Had a nightmare trying to clean the bath out afterwards but so worth it.



I also recieved the “Festive Friends” gift set from my boyfriend. The box contains the “Father Christmas” bath bomb. The “Butterbear” bath bomb and “The Christmas Penguin” bubble bar. I have previously tried the “Father Christmas” bath bomb and it is one of my all time favourites. I can’t wait to try the “Christmas Penguin” bubble bar simply because of my shortage of bubble bars in my collection. I was hoping to pick up about five of the “Magic of Christmas” in the Boxing Day sales because it is just my all time favourite, but as I turned up at 9AM on Boxing Day the whole shop had been wiped out.



The “Sweetest Thing” box was also a Christmas Gift and I am beyond excited to use it. The set consists of “Pink” fun product, I am excited to try this as I have never tried the play dough type bath soap it apparently can also be used as solid shampoo so I will be sure to test it out. The set also has the “Think Pink” bath bomb, I have tried this before and I love the scent and its the perfect size. The last item in the box is “The Comforter” shower cream. I have been desperate to try this because I’m a snow fairy collector and i’d love to mix it up. I gave it a sniff and it is amazing, smells really fruity and warm.


snow fairy.jpg

I picked up “Little Snow Fairy”  set in the Boxing Day sales for half price, bargain if you ask me. The set contains a mini “Snow Fairy” shower gel which I got the set specifically for because of the perfect travel size. The second item is the “Snow Fairy Fun” play soap type product, again I look forward to my inner big kid playing with this in the bath.



I also picked up a large bottle of “Snow Fairy” half price in the sales. This is an essential in my bathroom, especially since this is a limited edition Christmas product. This has the sweetest scent you can imagine but I adore it. This shower gel makes the best bubble bath.


reindeer rock.jpg

I picked up the “Reindeer Rock” soap when rushing round the LUSH store in the sale and it was the last one there. I have used LUSH soaps before and they seem to be really good value for money because they last such a long time. This soap smells really good so should be a lovely addition to the collection.



“Stardust” is the last half price bargain bomb I picked up. I love this product I mentioned it before in my halloween christmas LUSH haul. This leaves my skin feeling really soft and is perfect for a relaxing night in. Smells just like vanilla and leaves a citrus smell as soon as its dissolved.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Let me know what your favourite bath bombs are! Thanks for reading, Chlo x



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