Hi lovely people, haven’t posted in a couple of weeks because I’ve been so busy creating these three makeup looks for you all. Seen as Halloween is only a mere few weeks away I hope you can all take a little inspiration from these easy to recreate makeup ideas. Hope you all enjoy. Comment down below what you will be dressing up as this year!

Cat look

To achieve this look I started with a regular face base with foundation and concealer. Next I filled my brows in but used a clear mascara to brush all the hair upwards to give a thicker fuller appearance to match the wildcat look. After this step go wild with the bronzer, apply heavily to the cheekbones and temples to give a feline effect. With this look I also recommend a heavy highlighter application, I added it to the cheekbone down the bridge and tip of the nose and lastly on the cupids bow (top lip line). After this you can start with the eye makeup. I did a gold glittered smokey eye and the key part is the eyeliner. Add a strong sharp wing to the liner and elongate to the inner corner to give perfect cat eye. I personally added a second line on the under eye. On the lips I simply used black gel eyeliner to colour only the top lip. I extended the lines either side to give a Cheshire cat look. Above the lip I used a eyeliner pen to draw small dots for whiskers and a line straight up to the nose which I also drew on with gel liner. To get the perfect cheetah spots use a fluffy brush with gold eye shadow to make little gold dots randomly on your face, I just liked them randomly dotted around the eyes. After you have done this draw little C type shapes around the gold dots with black eyeliner. Once all this is completed you should have achieved the perfect Cat Halloween look.

Crying blood look

This is probably the easiest to recreate out of the three makeup looks. All you need is red lipstick and some fake blood. When creating this look I just applied my normal face of makeup, same foundation concealer bronzer etc. Then when I came to the eye makeup I applied a black shadow all over the lid, blended it out after that I added a winged liner. On top of the black eye shadow I mixed loose silver glitter with kiko pigment mixing solution to make a more obvious glitter look. When it comes to the fake blood all I did was applied some to a brush and randomly made it look like it was dripping from my eyes. It looks better when applied quite thickly as it actually looks like tear drops. The last step is to add a burgundy red lip and the look is finished. Really useful for a quick Halloween costume, totally reminds me of the crying nun from american horror story.

Sugar skull look

This look isn’t as hard as it may seem. The first step is to paint your whole face white. Next draw circles around the eyes with eyeliner, once you’re happy with the shape blend the black colour into a pink eye shadow or I used liquid lipstick. Then draw little petal like shapes around the circles. Fill your lips in black and draw two lines from either side, then draw tiny little lines like stitches across the previous lines. Add the classic skeleton nose and fill in black. After this you can add as much detail as you like I drew a cobweb on my forehead then added some little dots around the eye area. I also drew a little flower on my chin and some swirls on the cheeks. The more detail you add the better it looks.

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