LUSH Autumn Christmas Haul

Hello again since the month of October has begun it calls for one thing and one thing only, a massive lush haul. I have lots of new blog post ideas coming that are very autumnal and Halloween orientated so this is the start of many treats that I hope you all enjoy. I did intend to only pick up Halloween type bath bombs but I couldn’t help myself, I had to get some Christmas things too, nothing wrong with getting festive early. So i’ll begin by delving into my bag of goodies and showing you all the bath time treats you need to get your hands on.

The Magic of Christmas


The Magic of Christmas is a reusable bubble bar that you can either swirl around your bath water or run under a bath tap to create the most amazing bubbles. This product is simply beautiful to look at. The bubble bar has a strong scent of cinnamon which is a massive favourite of mine to help get into the Christmas spirit. The description also says that it is packed with fair trade organic clove to help stimulate the skin and boost circulation. This bar would be perfect to use to wind down at night with a few candles, not only that but I usually get a good ten baths out of one stick so great value for money. £5.95



This bath bomb claims to turn your bath a vivid pumpkin shade of orange. It again has a scent of cinnamon and also vanilla. Reminds me of the comforting smell of cakes and biscuits being made at home. The product also contains pimento berry oil which in folk medicine is claimed to be a digestive aid antiseptic and very beneficial for nerves and exhaustion, it is also medicinally used to treat chest infections and muscle aches and pains perfect for the winter months. I can’t wait to try this Halloween themed bomb out in my bath. £3.95

Autumn Leaf


Autumn leaf when dropped in the bath is supposedly meant to turn the water into a sea of autumnal colours such as red and yellow. This bath bomb holds a much more fresh crisp type scent unlike the previous two which held strong scents. I expect this product will be very good to the skin simply because of the amount of ingredients which hold beneficial properties. It contains sandalwood oil which is described to uplift and soothe. Other ingredients are bergamot oil and neroli oil. £3.75

Monsters’ Ball


Monsters’ Ball is a very cute looking Mike Wazowski type little guy. He has a sweet smell which is very similar to lime and sugar.I expect this bomb to leave my skin feeling super soft because it contains cocoa butter and so many natural oils to help the skin. This ballistic is guaranteed to turn the bath a gorgeous purple colour. £4.25

Star Dust


Star dust is a very sweet scented bomb that offers similar qualities as the other bath bombs. I’m really intrigued as to find out what colour it turns the water as the surface looks a simple white shimmer. Another perfect bomb to relax with on a winters night. £2.95

So White


So White is the classic cult Christmas bath bomb. I can’t help but bulk buy when this beauty comes back in stock in Winter. The sweet fresh smell of apple is so lovely and not too overpowering like some festive scents, perfect for those who aren’t a massive cinnamon mulled wine type scent lover. Just like all Lush products it is laced with all things that are good for the mind and body through oils and is guaranteed to make your bath ten times more appealing. £3.75

That’s not all for what I got in Lush. I was desperate to pick up the boo bath melt and the sparkly pumpkin but it seemed everyone in my local Lush had raided the Halloween products before I could get my hands on them. I spoke to a lovely man to ask if they had the bombs but as I thought all sold out, he was so nice to throw me in some little freebies at the till. I got strawberry bombshell lip tint and bling toothy tabs. I will admit I am very scared to use these little toothy tabs because quite frankly I don’t understand the concept but nevertheless I’ll give em a go.



Thank you so much for reading hope you look forward to new upcoming posts such as Halloween makeup ideas and cupcakes!!! Chloe x


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