Beauty Hacks

Today I would like the share some hacks and tips that I use day to day and find helpful hope you all enjoy. xx

  1. Coconut oil

coconutCoconut oil is used for everything and anything nowadays. I personally use it to remove makeup. Firstly you take a small amount of coconut oil between you fingers rub it together and apply all over the face. You will look like you just went through a seriously damaging break up with your lipstick and mascara smeared across your face, but trust me after you have wiped away the excess with a warm wet muslin cloth your skin will thank you for it. Not only does this hydrate your skin and stop dryness, it apparently makes your eyelashes grow too. Much cheaper and natural makeup remover.

2. Bronzer application

3 bronzer.jpg

If you struggle finding the right place to put your bronzer and cant really find the cheekbone, a quick and easy hack is to apply it in the shape of a number three on the side of your face. The trick to doing this is hitting the temple the cheekbone and jawline, this should give the perfectly contoured and bronzed glow every girl wants to achieve without taking ten minutes blending out a cream contour.

3. Natural brows


When filling in eyebrows its really easy to go overboard and draw heavy dark squared slugs. The method to use is use short sharp brush strokes instead of aiming to fill in all the skin behind the eyebrow. The makeup you add should disguise a lack of hair and mimic fuller brows without going for the over filled instagram baddie look. I would 100% recommend getting your eyebrows tinted for a much more natural look and less work in the morning. Always always use a spoolie to blend product out.

4. Foundation colour

foundation-matchI always test foundations to the colour of my neck to get the truest colour of my skin. Never use the back of your hand or even your wrist, your hands will always be darker because they have more exposure in the sun. I also never test it on my face, to get the perfect colour to blend into your skin and not leave you a nasty harsh orange line try the foundation colour on the side of your neck it should match you perfectly.

5. Baby shampoo as brush cleaner

brush cleaning.jpg

Instead of breaking the bank with expensive brush cleaners, a cheap thing to use is baby shampoo. The shampoo is really gentle and won’t irritate your face because its designed to be used on babies sensitive skin. I clean my brushes by wetting them with warm water adding a small amount of the shampoo onto a rubber exfoliator pad and run the brush round in circles until all the product has washed out. There is no feeling in the world better than clean brushes that look brand new again.

6. Prevent spots spreading

applicator.jpgWhen using a concealer with a wand with an applicator on the end do not directly apply product onto a spot. When you touch the spot with the applicator all the bacteria is transferred, then when you go to use it on other areas the bacteria spreads back onto the face and will more than likely cause another breakout. The best way to use concealer is to apply the product to the back of the hand and use a fluffy blending brush to buff in the product. Make sure to wash the brushes you use on blemishes regularly to keep pesky pimples at bay.

Would love to hear all your beauty and lifestyle hacks and try them out myself, feel free to comment down below. Thanks for reading xx

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