5 Products I Always Repurchase

Here are my top five products I always go back to buy again and again as soon as they become empty. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer collection

If you haven’t heard about this product already it’s fair to say you have been living under a rock. This concealer is very cheap and cheerful. I believe it’s normal set price is around £4.19 but if you catch it when it’s on offer you get an even bigger bargain. It comes in four shades, I always choose the lightest one which is number 1. This concealer works wonders for under eye bags and covering little pesky spots and blemishes. I currently have about three bottles of this stuff lingering around my make up bag and I will continue buying more.

2. Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Scrub

soap and glory sugar crush body scrub.png

I swear by this scrub and I’ve gone through more pots than I probably have hot dinners. The scent of this product for me brings back pure nostalgia of holidays and drinking lemonade and ice cream floats. The sweet scent lingers on your body and you can follow this up with the matching body butter or body wash. This is perfect to use before self tanning to exfoliate because it gets rid of all excess dead skin and makes skin really soft. I always use this before shaving my legs and it works a treat. Definitely an essential bath time pamper favourite.

3. L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil Nourishing Mask Balm


This hair mask is THE best hair mask I have ever used. I was just running out of shampoo and conditioner and this just happened to be on offer in boots. When I used this for the first time I literally couldn’t believe how soft it made my hair. Even since I had blonde put into my hair it felt a little dead and brittle and I had tried everything to save it, this stuff does wonders. The pot is a really good size and lasts for a while. It also makes your hair smell incredible. If you want the ultimate conditioning treatment wash your hair, use the mask and don’t wash out straight away, wrap it up in a hair towel and have a relaxing bath or just leave it for a while, then go back to wash it out and it will feel so so soft.  If you want your hair to feel soft repaired and replenished this is the hair mask to invest in.

4. Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water


I use this water to remove my makeup every night without fail. I have really sensitive skin and this gives me no problems whatsoever. Incredibly gentle and doesn’t dry out the skin whatsoever. Easy to use on the eye area without it causing redness or sensitivity. You do get a large bottle when you buy this or it does come in travel size, I seem to get through it like actual water and it seems to empty really quickly. Glad I finally found something to suit my skin type, will continue to repurchase.

5. Nars Laguna Bronzer


It kills me to see when I’ve hit pan on this bronzer, it also kills me when I return to Nars to buy it again and look at my bank account afterwards. I will always love this bronzer and I think it is a staple product for every girl. It is the perfect shade to match every skin tone with no shimmer. Love the sleek luxury packaging, looks a dream with Nars orgasm blush too. If anybody would like to recommend a dupe i’m all ears because the only thing I don’t like about this product is the price tag.

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