Review : Neutrogena Skincare

After recently watching a few you tube videos on how to get rid of small acne like spots which I often have problems with, a lot of recommendations were to use the neutrogena range. Tesco had an offer on so I went to pick up a few bits. The video I watched explained that cutting out all oily foods such as french fries, crisps, fried food, nuts and other types of foods would be needed to stop all spot breakouts. Not only this but the obvious suggestion of drinking more water and going to bed early. Other suggestions were using the Neutrogena bar of facial soap, unfortunately I couldn’t find this but instead I picked up the ‘Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Facial Wash’. A spot cream was also recommended but I believe that this was only available after visiting a doctor. Lastly a specific ‘Visibly Clear Oil Free Moisturiser’ was a recommendation because the oil free formula would apparently prevent breakouts.

In my daily skincare routine at night I remove my makeup using the Garnier Micellar Water with cotton pads, I then use the grapefruit face wash on my Clarisonic face brush (I will do a separate review if wanted) and wash my face for approximately three minutes using the Clarisonic advise. After I have washed my face I then use the scrub to deep clean my face. Then finish with the oil free moisturiser.


Personally I have enjoyed using the face wash and I would say its helped clear my skin. At first it left my skin feeling quite tight but not in an uncomfortable way. This facial wash claims to cleanse deeply to eliminate spots and blackheads and purify the skin without over drying. I obviously would have bought the bar of soap instead but considering I have heard a few negative reviews for this product I liked how gentle it was on my sensitive skin. The constant negative comment I heard was that this face wash was very drying for some people. I think the reason for this being is the fact that it is oil free. But if you tend Β moisturise daily anyway this doesn’t affect the skin majorly. If you have naturally dry skin I don’t think this is the product for you. However I feel that this is perfect for sensitive or oily skin types.



The second product I tested was the ‘Visibly Clear Spot Stress Control Daily Scrub’. This product is described toΒ contain micro-beads to gently exfoliate skin whilst the powerful Micro-clear technology unclogs pores allowing the formula to penetrate deep down and help clear spots. I really like this product it feels like it really deep cleans the skin. It doesn’t have the same drying effects as the facial wash. It gives a really fresh feeling.I would say this product has reduced my spots but doesn’t prevent them completely. You don’t have to lay the product on really thick but I would recommend using it daily to see the effects. 100% reduces oily skin.


The last product in the Neutrogena range I have been trying is the ‘Visibly Clear Oil-free Moisturiser’. This product has by far been my favourite of the three. I would go back and buy it again and again. This moisturiser claims to hydrate smooth and even out skin tone for clearer and healthy looking skin. this product feels so hydrating on my skin. Love the fact its oil free, I previously used the simple kind to skin hydrating moisturiser, it felt really wet,greasy and oily on my skin. Unlike the Neutrogena which sinks in straight away and leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft. I also cannot explain how good this product smells. It reminds me of the scent of sun cream. The packaging is perfect for travel in a slim flat tube. I feel like this moisturiser has even helped to reduce spot scars. Would repurchase again really liked it.


Really hope you enjoy the review. I know I will never completely be rid of my spots because I didn’t stick to the diet that is needed to help the breakouts, I certainly don’t drink enough water and I have late nights every night. However I did really enjoy using the products if anyone else has any tips for spot problems please let me know! Chloe x

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