Review: NYX HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder & Micro Brow Pencil

Hi everyone, I recently got way too excited over the fact that my local Boots store now stocks NYX products. After thinking I would have to travel all the way to Manchester to buy a liquid lipstick knowing I can just nip up the road to satisfy my makeup addiction makes me very happy… my bank account doesn’t feel the same way.

Whilst I was shopping around I picked up the NYX HD studio photogenic finishing powder in translucent. After using this product for about a month now I still feel undecided. The description on the powder reads ‘WHY WHITE? Don’t let the white colour turn you off. This powder is a miracle in a jar. 100% pure mineral silica finish powder that is perfect for setting foundation or wearing alone. This powder leaves your skin looking radiant and luminous, while absorbing oil for that flawless matt finished look. A colourless shade that can be used for all skin tones’ I haven’t really got anything to compare the product to because I haven’t previously been a loose powder kind of girl. But I brought the powder for under the eyes to set my concealer and under my bronzer/contour to make the colour much more defined and sharp. I will firstly definitely say that this powder will 100% set anything in like concrete. Β However I wouldn’t agree that it leaves skin looking luminous after all powder is to make the skin matte and reduce oil and shine? I think I was expecting the product to come out like talcum powder and then be able to dust away the excess but for some reason I couldn’t really tell I was applying the product. Maybe this is good for some people but I think I expected a more dramatic result and a highlighted effect. The fact that this powder was a little harder to see the white colour on the skin makes it perfect for all skin tones and very versatile. Overall it wasn’t what I dreamed it would be but it doesn’t disappoint in what powder is meant to do. Keeps makeup on all day long.


The second product I picked up was NYX micro brow pencil in the colour brunette. After getting my eyebrows threaded, I decided to try tinting for the first time. I was admittedly scared i’d end up with black slugs above my eyes but nevertheless I thought it would make them a bit less high maintenance. After seeing the finished result I really liked how natural all the hairs looked compared to solidly filling them in with Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow. With my all new eyebrows had to come an all new brow product. I picked the micro brow pencil for its precision and the fact it would look quite natural. The end of the pencil is so thin so if you find a gap in the brow where the hair doesn’t grow as well you can mimic and draw the hairs in with the pencil and it looks just like normal and super natural. I would say this product is very similar to the soap and glory brow arch pencil.Β I love the pencil now and still use it everyday. The fact is has a spoolie on the end is so practical for on the go and brushing through the product to ensure it doesn’t look to harsh. The slimline packaging looks so lovely and doesn’t take up any space in my makeup bag only problem being it loves to disappear to the bottom and hide away. Β If I were to purchase this product again I would get a darker colour because my eyebrow hairs are naturally quite red and turn a little ginger in the sun so I would say the brunette colour had a lot of red tones in it. However there was a huge variety of colour shades and it wouldn’t be a problem to find a better colour to match me next time.


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