Why am I starting a blog?

To start I will say I am very new to this and a complete beginner so I assume i’ll be making mistakes as i go along. I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for a very long time, the first problem I came across was what to write about, my main interests being music, fashion and beauty. I know a few people who run music blogs and reviews etc, its hard to watch all the time and effort they put into writing and people simply dismissing it, saying its ‘rubbish’ or their opinions on things are ‘wrong’ this is one of the things that has most held me back from doing this. The opinions of everyone else. Everyone is always so quick to scrutinize and mock the hard work of other people and there just isn’t enough praise. I have been scared for people I know to find out and be negative. I want people to read my blog for its content and to love beauty and fashion as much as I do. I am by no means looking to be the next big beauty blogger. I simply want to write about what I love and hope people take as much interest in it as I do. Which then brings me to my purpose of writing the blog, I want to find out what I want in life, i’m so lost in terms of finding a career path. I am hoping at the end of this year I will move on to university to study fashion and business management, but with no artistic qualifications the competitive world of fashion may be out of my reach. However working a lot harder and taking on a extra new course for my last year in college maybe writing will offer some help or guidance and experience towards my goal. So i guess we’ll see how it goes, welcome to my blog … My little beauty obsessions. Chloe.

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