September Favourites

eptember Here are my favourites for the month of September, majority of the items are makeup related but I have added a little home ware favourite in there to mix it up. Hope you enjoy, Chloe x

brushMy first favourite is perfect for those people who like a bargain. I’ll admit Primark doesn’t really have the best quality products but I was pleasantly surprised when I was wandering around the makeup section and spotted an eyebrow brush that almost looked identical to the Anastasia Beverly Hills an
gled eyebrow brush with a spoolie attached at one end which is about £14. I’d been thinking long and hard about purchasing the brush but I didn’t quite fancy breaking the bank for one brush. The Primark version was £1. How can you complain for £1, so i thought I had to buy it even if it turned out terrible it was only a quid. Well I am so surprised at how good the brush is. It doesn’t feel scratchy or hard like lots of brushes can it’s really quite soft. It’s perfect for using cream brow products. I personally use Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow and it applies the product really nicely. I use the colour dark brown and because I brought the product online I couldn’t test the it so it probably is a little dark for me, that’s why the spoolie attached is so perfect because it blends out and softens the product without it looking too harsh. Overall I am really impressed with the brush such good value for money.

shadowsMy second favourite is the Zoeva eye shadow palettes. I received two of these palettes for my birthday not even knowing that Zoeva did many makeup products with the company being predominantly famous for their brushes. I did originally ask for the two faced sweet peach palette as a gift but it seemed to be sold out everywhere so my mum surprised me with the Zoeva palettes instead. I had decided I wanted more matte eye shadow shades because most of the shadows I have are really shimmery and I find them hard to blend out in the crease of my eye. One palette is called ‘Zoeva nude spectrum eye shadow palette’. This palette is the bigger of the two which contains 15 natural looking shadows and has a variety of matte and shimmer shades. I was so amazed by how good the pigment in the shadows were. The colours look beautiful and can be used for night and daytime looks. The second palette is called ‘Zoeva rose golden palette’. This palette contains 10 shadows which have a much warmer hue. Similarly as the previous palette this product has a mixture of matte and shimmer eye shadows. The orange shimmer shadow called ‘Copper is king’ looks beautiful on blue eyes and the dark brown matte ‘Wonder full’ is a perfect crease colour. The palettes are also really good value for money as the 15 shadow palette is currently on sale for about £23.50 on beauty bay and the rose gold palette is £18. These have replaced my naked palette as my new favourites really pleased with them.

zoeva-brushesSimilar to my last favourite this month I have loved using Zoeva brushes. I received the ‘Zoeva rose golden luxury set vol.2’ as a birthday gift. These brushes are the best I have ever used. Before using I was a big real techniques fan but the quality of the Zoeva brushes is out of this world, they are so soft and gentle on the skin and blend all the products beautifully. The set consists of a stippler type brush I use to blend foundation called ‘104/buffer’ this brush does what it says on the tin really buffs the foundation into the skin leaving a really nice blended finish. The ‘109/luxe face paint’ I personally use this for highlighter but I think it would also be perfect for a contour brush. The ‘234/luxe smoky shader’ this brush is perfect for packing on solid colour onto the eyelid before blending out. The ‘126/luxe cheek finish’ I really love using this brush for bronzer it’s a good size and blends the product well. The ‘226/smudger’ this brush works really well for putting eye shadow under the eyes. The ‘228/luxe crease’ this is probably my favourite brush of the set, it is similar to a mac 227 brush and blends eye shadow into the crease beautifully. The ‘317/wing liner’ brush is probably the brush in the set I use the least simply because I prefer using eyeliner felt tip pens because it’s easier than gel liner. The last brush in the set is the ‘322/brow line’ again I don’t use this much because I love the Primark brow brush so much. I love these brushes so much and they’d be a perfect starter brush set because of the variety also the set comes with a gorgeous rose gold makeup bag which is great as a handbag makeup pouch.


blushMy fourth favourite is Nars orgasm blush. I’m aware that I’m very late on the bandwagon with this product but I’ve never been a blush kind of girl. I never even thought of wearing blush I used to be contour obsessed but I took a trip into Selfridges to decide whether I wanted to purchase either Estee Lauder double wear foundation or Nars sheer glow. I tested the double wear and it seemed good but I went over to the Nars counter just in case. The lady in there was so helpful she helped me find the perfect colour and once she’d finished applying the foundation all over my face she asked if I’d mind if she added bronzer and blush. She added Nars laguna bronzer all over my face which is already my favourite bronzer but she also added orgasm blush. I explained i’d never used blush because I wasn’t sure where to apply it or what difference it made. Once she had finished I loved it. I just had to buy it, after being shown how to apply it I now use it daily without fail. It gives a beautiful finish and almost looks like a highlighter in the pan. I feel like the colour would suit any skin tone and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

mascaraAnother favourite this month is the Estee edit mascara is really good for separating lashes. This mascara stays on all day without fail and is really gentle on the eyes for people who have sensitive skin like me. The lifting end of the mascara has a smaller brush which works perfectly for bottom lashes without smearing all of the product under the eye which is the bane of my life with all other mascaras. The consistency is very wet but I personally like it that way gives me time to make the lashes the way I want them before it drys.

fixThis month I have also been loving mac fix+ setting spray. I like using it sometimes before I apply makeup as a primer. The best thing about this is that it wakes up my skin and refreshes it ready to apply foundation without experiencing dry patches which leave me looking orange. I can honestly say I’ve applied a full face of makeup and sprayed this on when finishing gone out all night and got back and my makeup still looks as good as it did before I went out. I can’t say how this compares to urban decay setting spray as I have never used it but I love this product and will be buying again when my bottle runs out.

Another makeup favourite is Nars sheer glow foundation. The colour of this foundation narsmatches my skin perfectly. They have such a massive range of colours to choose from I imagine it would be impossible not to find a colour to suit you. This foundation feels so lightweight on the skin and doesn’t feel thick on at all. It still has good coverage and makes an even colour on the face. My only problem with this foundation is the fact it doesn’t have a pump, however you can buy a pump in store which is only about £4. Even then you cannot fit the lid back onto the bottle over the pump which caused me slight anxiety, but the pump twists clockwise which stops the flow of liquid and the risk of pumping all the product into your makeup bag. Despite it’s design flaws the product inside the bottle is amazing. It has a silky texture and a satin matte looking finish. I would say the coverage is medium which I like best to cover my imperfections but not look too heavy on my skin. Overall I love it and really don’t want to ever run out.

My last makeup related favourite is a pair of eyelashes that I purchased from depop. These lasheslashes only cost me about £2 and I have reused them at least three times. The product details said ‘Wispie lashes’ and they were meant to be similar to Ardell wispies and huda beauty lashes. I again cannot compare but these lashes are amazing. I didn’t feel like I struggled to apply them, they weren’t painful to wear as some lashes are. These lashes didn’t come with glue but you can’t really expect them to for the price they were such great value for money and I will probably buy them again when the pair I have get too grubby. I’m no lash expert and I don’t wear them daily but they look gorgeous on probably not the most natural look but depends on personal preference.

Now for the little home ware favourite. I adore rose gold and lanterns so when the two are lanternscombined it is a must have. I have two lanterns I keep in my window with little tea lights. They look beautiful at night and really add a little something to my windowsill. The square lantern is from new look and the triangular topped one was a birthday gift from tkmaxx. They are really good value for money and dress up a room beautifully.

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